Programming Magic Moments – It’s a Business

With all of the resources available today the good news is that wellness professionals are armed with a plethora of tools that keeps them up to date on the latest and greatest fitness trends, programs and technical certifications. As with any industry you choose as a career path the importance to stay self-motivated while simultaneously staying current in your field is vital to the success of the business as well as your personal career advancement.

When looking at the wellness and retirement living landscape one large void that is not discussed often enough is Customer Service and how the overall customer experience translates to the operational success of your business.   My goal is to spark the conversation and provide tips and resources that will help Wellness pro’s build meaningful connections with their clients/residents as well as help bridge the business services you can offer to our aging population to positively impact your bottom line.


What do world class companies like Starbucks, Apple and Nordstrom’s have in common? Great products, yes, but more importantly they deliver great customer experiences. What kind of experiences are you giving your clients? It is no secret that we are all in the relationship building business; it is what we do to nurture, maintain and grow that connection that keeps a client loyal. Kudos to those that are celebrating fitness milestones with their clients or being creative with how to acknowledge holiday’s and birthdays and use their social media as a source of communication. I challenge you to consider expanding your tool box to incorporate additional creative practices to add value in order to boost your customer’s experience making it fun, memorable and profitable.

People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Life Engagement Wellness TIPS:

  • Retool your intake process upon getting a referral or new resident. You want to help to impact the wellness journey, so yes collecting the basic health history form is important but expand this thought and present them with a Passion Survey in order to learn what motivates them in life. Some other questions could include what does quality of life mean to them or what is their claim to fame? This is especially important if you are working with older adults since the answers will surprise you and help you in crafting a plan that will see results. This can also serve as a commitment contract by getting their signature.
  • How are you tracking and measuring your residents progress? Have you eliminated the paper trail? Consider assisting clients with integrating their technology by identifying appropriate phone applications and fitness tools that will help them stay motivated and assist with collecting their fitness data. Think in terms of how to advise your client to not focus on where they have been and the past bad behaviors but rather focus on what lies ahead by identifying small future milestones together.
  • Be your clients buddy in helping them achieve their fitness goals and realize their “I wish I could” list i.e. running in a fun run or participating in charitable organized events important to them to showcase your support. Participating in nationwide and community events links the dimensions of wellness together i.e. social, environmental, intellectual etc.
  • Re-connect with the traditional fitness equipment at local community centers. Trainers and Therapists should make it their first priority to explore and be familiar with not just the functionality of equipment but identify the equipment that will make your job easier that focuses on a positive user experience. Acquainting your client with more than just the quick start button will bring mutual results to both of you.
  • Fun needs to make a comeback! No amount of discipline and will power can replace an experience that is fresh, engaging and really fun. One idea is to look to fitness props that make your clients smile that take them back to their childhood. Don’t forget to personalize every fitness experience for your client based on what you learn from the passion survey. Your role as a facilitator should cross over to being a good teacher to encourage clients to be self- sufficient not dependent on your skills always celebrating the small milestones along the way.

Thinking in terms of providing solutions outside the scope of the therapy, physical or activity session will aid them in the aging process as well as inspire them to embrace wellness for a lifetime. The one thing I know for sure is that we all age, and that cannot be controlled.  What we can control is the ability to make positive changes in our lives, in order to live life to its fullest potential. Marketing Magic Moments is where it all begins, no matter what generation you fall within.

Tracey Harvey, Director of Community Solutions comes to the Living Care family with three + decades of experience driving results and inspiring teams in the Retirement Living/Wellness/Fitness Industries. need to update bio for LCL.