Message from the President at Living Care Lifestyles
Michael Derr, President of Living Care Lifestyles

Message from the President

My personal experience in navigating the same challenges of aging that our Residents and their Family Members deal with daily, came full force for me with the realization that my mother was being affected by Alzheimer's Disease. I had not yet entered the senior housing services industry. Like all families in this situation, we stumbled along trying to apply logic to the most illogical of diseases. Like many families, we failed to provide a safe and appropriate environment for my mother. We thought we could handle anything, as a family. But we couldn't - not Alzheimer's.

When the opportunity to enter the senior housing services industry presented itself, I embraced the opportunity to apply my experiences with my aging parents, who were now passed, in a way that would honor them. It took a while to understand the complexities of caring for seniors in a congregate setting, but I saw many opportunities to improve the lifestyles of seniors as they aged. My mother - whose mind didn't work, although her body did - and my father - whose mind worked, although his body didn't - taught me that each senior was individual in their aging process. They all have unique needs. I coined the phrase that I ask the Living Care Lifestyles Team Members to operate by which says, "Treat our residents how you would want your own mother treated." Every day, I try to make what is just a business to many, also a means to assist seniors in living an enriching lifestyle in their end years.

Simply put, personally, I strive to be the best steward of the needs of our Residents, the needs of our Family Members, the needs of our Staff Members and, along the way, be good stewards of the investors who have placed their faith and fortune in my company. For them the Team of dedicated professionals that have come together to form Living Care Lifestyles, works every day to exceed our constituents' expectations.

Denis Bryant's signature, President and CEO of Living Care Lifestyles

 Denis Bryant
President and CEO, Living Care Lifestyles