Benefits at Living Care Lifestyles

Living Care Lifestyles Benefits

The Collection by Living Care prioritizes the well-being and satisfaction of our employees, whether they are on call, part-time, or full-time, hourly or salary. We offer a comprehensive range of benefits to ensure our employees feel supported and valued. We’ve summarized our major benefits here, but current team members can also find a host of perks and discounts on our Benefit Hub Website.

Resident walking with a caretaker outside at a Living Care Lifestyles community

401k Retirement Plans

Secure your future with peace of mind! Our commitment to your financial well-being shines through our exceptional Safe Harbor retirement plans. We proudly offer an industry-leading 100% match of the first 6% of wages you contribute. That's right, we're in this together, ensuring that your dedication is met with our unwavering support. Unlike with traditional retirement plans, which may require that you wait for years for the employer match funds to truly be yours, with our Safe Harbor retirement plan, employer contributions are immediately vested, so this means the employer match funds are your money as soon as they are funded into your account. Join us and, know that we're here to help you build a solid foundation for your future.

Holiday Pay

Celebrate and be rewarded! Join our team and enjoy the perks of holiday pay. When our hourly employees work on company-observed holidays, they receive an exciting hour-for-hour match of holiday pay, doubling their earnings. Our valued management employees receive a minimum of eight hours of holiday pay.

Caretaker on a laptop from Living Care Lifestyles in Seattle, Washington
Resident with a caretaker at Living Care Lifestyles in Seattle, Washington

Bonus Program

Unlock extra rewards and seize the opportunity to earn more! Our bonus program presents a wide array of exciting possibilities. As a member of our team, you'll have the chance to enjoy various bonus opportunities, including rewards for resident and employee referrals, inquiries that turn into success stories, and tours that leave a lasting impression. Join us and let your stellar performance shine, as you not only contribute to our success but also reap the benefits of your efforts. It's time to turn your dedication into even greater rewards!

Perks for all Employees

Complimentary Shift Meals

Savor the flavors on us! We believe that a well-fed team is a happy and energized team. That's why we proudly offer mouthwatering, complimentary meals to our valued employees during their shifts. And guess what? If you're taking on a double shift, that means you'll enjoy not one, but two delicious meals on the house! Consider it our way of showing appreciation for your dedication.

Wages on Demand

Embrace financial flexibility like never before! Thanks to our collaboration with Spentra, we offer a game-changing benefit that allows our employees to tap into up to 50% of their hard-earned net wages right after they finish their shifts. Say goodbye to waiting for payday and hello to the power of immediate access to your earnings. We believe in empowering our team members to take charge of their finances, ensuring peace of mind and the ability to meet their needs with ease. Wages On Demand gives you access to your wages when YOU need it.

Employee Recognition Program

We take immense pride in acknowledging and celebrating the accomplishments and valuable contributions of our dedicated employees. With our carefully designed recognition program, we ensure that your hard work and achievements are given the appreciation they deserve. Join our team and experience a workplace culture that values and recognizes your exceptional efforts. Your contributions will be celebrated with sincerity and gratitude, inspiring you to reach even greater heights.

Caretaker assisting a resident walk at Living Care Lifestyles in Seattle, Washington
caretakers dog at Living Care Lifestyles in Seattle, Washington


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Your well-being is our priority. All Team Members, as well as members of their households, can gain access to our invaluable Employee Connect EAP program, where support and guidance await. You'll have the opportunity to engage in counseling sessions, receive initial in-person legal consultations, and tap into a wealth of information, resources, and referrals for various concerns. Whether it's seeking guidance on childcare, financial planning, or any other personal matter, our EAP program is here to provide a helping hand.

Tuition Assistance

  • Reimbursement: Ignite Your Potential: We believe in investing in your growth! Embrace our tuition reimbursement program, where full-time employees can receive up to $1500 each calendar year to pursue education related to senior housing, healthcare, property management, and other relevant fields. Expand your knowledge and reach new heights!
  • TA Boost: Team Members who pursue education at Bellevue University are eligible to receive up to $5250 in tuition assistance through our TA Boost program. Earn your Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree at Bellevue University in career-relevant degree programs designed for working adults.

Health and Welfare Benefits

For full time status team members.

  • Empowering Health Coverage: Say hello to our company-sponsored Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance! You'll have the freedom to choose from two exceptional medical and dental plans that suit your needs. And guess what? All medical packages include vision insurance, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your well-being.
  • Long Term Disability Coverage: For a Safeguarded Future. We've got you covered! Our company pays 100% of your long-term disability benefit premium, providing the assurance you need for a secure tomorrow.
  • Life and AD&D Assurance: We value your peace of mind, which is why we pay the premium for the first $10,000 of Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance for our full-time employees. Your protection matters to us. For extra protection, take control of your coverage! With optional voluntary Life or AD&D insurance, you can personalize additional protection for yourself, your spouse, and even your children. It's about ensuring peace of mind for your loved ones.
  • Short-Term Security: Eligible Washington employees can enjoy the option of enrolling in short-term disability coverage, offering a safety net during challenging times.
Resident and caretaker talking at Living Care Lifestyles in Seattle, Washington
Caretaker on his phone at Living Care Lifestyles in Seattle, Washington

Time Away From Work

Paid Sick and Safe Time

(part time and on call status employees)

  • Part time and on call employees accrue Sick and Safe leave to take care of yourself or your family’s health and safety needs. Whether you have a scheduled appointment, or you’re feeling under the weather, this benefit is here for you.

Paid Time Off

(full time status employees)

  • Time for You: We understand the importance of work-life balance. That's why our paid time off (PTO) program allows full-time status employees to earn three to five weeks of PTO annually, depending on their position and tenure. With flexibility to use your PTO for vacations, personal days, sick and safe time, or any other need (subject to supervisor approval), we prioritize your well-being!


  • We understand the importance of being there for your loved ones and taking care of yourself during challenging moments. That's why all team members have access to a meaningful benefit: up to 5 unpaid days of bereavement leave for the passing of a family member. Part Time status team members are eligible to take one day as paid bereavement leave. Full Time status team members are eligible to take three days as paid bereavement leave and may supplement with available PTO.