Four Legged LCL Team at Living Care Lifestyles

Meet the Four Legged Team at Living Care Lifestyles

Michelle Longwill, Executive Director  at Living Care Lifestyles in Seattle, Washington



Favorite Treat: Harley doesn’t seem to discriminate on any food, but her favorite seems to be bacon or steak.

Favorite Play Activity: Playing fetch on land or water.

Favorite Place to Sleep: In any sunny spot she can find.

Favorite Cuddle Space: One of her many beds.  Harley enjoys her space.  She likes it when you come visit her, snuggle her and give her belly rubs, but she likes to sleep in her own space.

Best Friend outside of their Family: John Renner…if he’s in the office, she can be found curled up in his office and she will refuse to leave the office until he leaves with her.

Birthday: May 8, 2008

Roxy, a golden retriever at Living Care Lifestyles



Favorite Treat: Roxy is learning about treats, and she has quickly learned that steak is her favorite…probably because her big sister Harley likes it so much.

Favorite Play Activity: Playing with other dogs and fetching any toy you want to throw for her.

Favorite Place to Sleep: Wherever she happens to land after a hard day of play.

Favorite Cuddle Space: Anywhere next to her mom…when she can sit still long enough and isn’t distracted by something else more fun.

Best Friend outside of their Family: Roxy hasn’t expanded her circle outside of the family yet, but just give this social girl time and she will.

Birthday: March 21, 2019

Tinkerbelle, a very small dog at Living Care Lifestyles



Nickname: Tink

Favorite Treat: Dehydrated chicken.

Favorite Play Activity: Chasing a ball, especially when the ball is bigger than she is, she also loves to find bugs in the grass and will spend an hour following one very small bug.

Favorite Place to Sleep: On her owner’s lap.

Favorite Cuddle space: On her owner’s lap.

Best Friend outside of your Family: Harley (Jill’s dog).

Birthday: May 5, 2019

Brownie, a chocolate lab at Living Care Lifestyles



Nickname: Brownie Bite

Favorite Treat: Banana!

Favorite Play Activity: Fetch.

Favorite Place to Sleep: My owners bed.

Favorite Cuddle Space: Next to the front door, when we’re trying to leave for work!

Best Friend Outside of their Family: Ian.

Birthday: January 2008

Maggy, a Bolognese dog at Living Care Lifestyles in Seattle, Washington



Nickname: “Moo” (for Maggy Moo)

Favorite Treat: Little dental chew bones.

Favorite Play Activity: Tug of War and playing chase with her brother and sister Ben and Grace.

Favorite Place to Sleep: On her humans’ beds.

Favorite Cuddle Space: She cuddles up on the back of the couches on blankets.

Best Friend outside of their Family: Bonzai the cavapoos.

Birthday: July 24, 2014


Executive Vice President of Public Relations

Katie loved meeting and working with everyone, her treat loving and tail wags are missed at the home office